Zooming In On Life?

Can you think about life as a portrait?

I heard an example of our eyes and brains being referred to as a camera. Because we’re human beings we have the ability to zoom in on things that shouldn’t be given the time or energy. Would you agree? We think about so many things knowingly and unknowingly that do not serve us. Which strikes the pureness in the question…how much trivial time do you have left? Your thoughts shape your world. It’s truly something to humble you. Ain’t it?  We can avoid so many pains in life if we adjust our focus. I’m gonna go with the strong belief that we can. I’m have crazy faith like that (Kanye Shrug)

 I’m grateful in the strangest way of this pandemic. It’s revealed parts of me that I thought were long gone. So…I’m iPhillipiansn the grocery line in the self checkout section and there was an elderly man in front on me.  As he got to bagging his groceries, I gave him grace and plenty of space not only to be respectful but it was told to behave as though we have this “virus” and act like you don’t want to harm others by being too close. For me..I’m like YES PLEASE…completely on board. Right?  I think that’s really an honorable perspective to have while out in public if you absolutely have to be.

As he left….

The family behind me didn’t or couldn’t (I’ll even go with unable to) extend me the same grace. Checking out my items, one piece at a time…All sides of Bridgeport, CT was in me yelling… back up! You need. to. back. aaaaallll the. way. up. Any closer and you gotta take me out for dinner and talk about ring sizes! LOL! (sounds funny, but it wasn’t anything funny about it.) Know what I’m talking about? The grace in me remained calm and with a steady pace because in such short timing I considered everything and the circumstance surrounding me. The lover in me whispered….Candace…everyone deals with life differently and what was like a rush of peace came over me to be empathetic for the family behind me. Which normally comes naturally but clearly this is at different levels and on this day…I needed a reminder.

You may think…..

“How can I adjust my focus though? You know how serious life is right now?” As if it wasn’t always this way in some areas..

“There so many things happening today in life I wouldn’t know where to start!” Right? With there being billions of people on this thing called earth, how can anyone focus? It’s so loud. On a daily basis, we pass by things that are so beautiful and can bring peace to our lives but with the news seemingly having control of our brains or the people across the street, in the cars, in areas arguing with each other it can be hard to see straight! I know…

For me..


In all things, the answer is love. In whatever that looks like for you.

I read in my FAVORITE book.. that we can’t go by what our eyes show us. We’d be fooled every time. It’s easy to walk in on someone’s chapter, without reading the whole book and come to a quick conclusion about a persons life in a moment. I’ve been  guilty of this and definitely was that day. I’m soo confident that you can bet on it because it’ll ring true every time. I have to remind myself that if I wasn’t born and raised (even then to proceed with caution in judgement) that I can’t say what “life” is like for you. Not without asking anyway. SO.. when in doubt…love. It’s THE highest frequency, you’d ever experience in life. For some this is effortless and others could exercise the muscle of it but it’s available to all. Now..and going forward.



With love,

Candace Kinlaw

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