What Is There BUT Love?


What is there BUT love? 

There is nothing else.

It’s at the core of every person. You and me. I’m humbled by the strategic way that our bodies are even formed. Take a look for yourself. Before that beautiful mind of yours was….beats of the heart. Fast and strong. For some… slow and weak but..it was. Love showed itself in us before we could speak or ever meet another to tell us otherwise. Over time it can be jaded with pain of life and circumstances, projection of another but doesn’t change the fact of what’s so.

Because we’re all so unique, it shows up in vast ways but at root there is nothing but. LOVE. I’m convinced. I’m constantly growing and in discovery mode of the beauty of a person’s being and the same truth comes up every time. Before you got here on this playground called earth it was already here.   

And there are levels to this thing. 

Love is 3D and flows freely. Will your eye be able to catch it when it comes to you in any moment? Because it always will. Everything on this earth is alive and singing a melody that only your heart will know. It’s beautiful when the ear of your heart can catch it. As I write I have chills through my body because I sit in my bedroom at this computer and contemplate the power and strength in it.

Have you ever asked the question..am I loved?  You may forget, take this as my eskimo kiss reminding you. The answer is yes. It’s unshakeable, completely recklessly and even ruthless. You are to die for. Put a mirror to your mind of the beautiful reflection that would fill it and say the words “I am.” Should you ever be plagued with the lie that you’re not.

The form of this lie shows up differently for everyone because of the uniqueness of who we are but response is always the same. “I am.” 

With love,

Candace Kinlaw

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