Without Integrity, Nothing Works

Without integrity…Nothing works.

Mmm. And in the depths of me, I see and value why that is.

I just keep getting deeper and deeper and to the root of things. As you already know I am a firm believer of personal growth and my Bible and its written that “Man looks at the flesh….but God looks at the heart.”

That’s the season I’m in and it’s everywhere.

It’s a beautiful mess. Truth be told, I’m not there yet…as I don’t think that is humanly possible…but it’s the pool I swim in.

Stroke by stroke… conversation upon conversation…I come to a deep dive in clarity. You know? Proverbially taking my hands off of my own moves to surrender to God’s flow. It’s funny how integrity works or for that matter the lack there of.. with integrity..there’s less stress, less moves needed and more fruit, more joy which flows effortlessly.

Close your eyes…

Now we’re in a vehicle called “your life” and it never works to put the seat belt…the mask…the helmet or so forth on anyone else but yourself first. Does it?

I went to an intensive leadership program last year for what felt 7 Boxing ring months of taking blows and stabs at my ego and there was a reoccurring motto flowing through the atmosphere… “Without integrity, nothing works.” And it was drilled into my brain. Made aware in all areas of where it was and where it wasn’t. There’s a sound to it. The heart beat is different…I always have gotten that on an intellectual level but now it’s trapped in the heart.

God…It’s so good. The thought of the grace on my life makes me want to cry.

Not the “I don’t know how I’m gonna get my rent paid this month” kinda cry. But the “WOW, you. Are. amazing and I get to be with you for the rest of my life” kinda cry.

It’s just so good.

Looking at your child you held inside your belly for months…good.

“Being” a message instead of conversing about one is not the same.

So I leave you with this…Meditate on the important areas of your life…

One by one and ask the question…

Who’s proverbial mask have I been putting on first?

How can I step into the mirror of an abundant life and adjust the straps on my own mask? You know…make sure it’s fully secured on your own face first so that your moves are effective?

With love,

Candace Kinlaw

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