The Negative Talk Stops Today

alice-in-wonderland-originalIt’s been a while but I had to go away to come back and be better for my reader. I’ve always been a person with a lot of questions but  over the last few months I’ve been like a black Alice in Wonderland.  Haha! That’s the best way to describe this journey right now.  I’m naturally a curious person especially when it comes to people and the way they operate but I’ve been really digging deep and I’m excited about the future. I think we might agree that this world is a place that could use a little more happy. I’ve been checking different things out and something that I’m understanding  in people whether it comes in the way they write, talk or behave or in the way people present themselves is many have a common denominator as to why they aren’t where they would like to be in life.  Soooo maybe it’s the little Jamaican or the mom gene inside of me but I believe that I’m crazy enough to be able to change some things. There is an old saying that the person who gains the most is the one teaching and with that being said, I’m about to turn up!! I’ll share three ways to get it together!

The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result. Think about what you’ve been doing and only if your ready to keep it real with “you” is when you’ll see the change you want to see.

Disengage. Many of the times we’re too attached to the thing that keeps us back from whatever it is that can change our lives for the better. Have you ever wondered why your able to help someone with their issues but can’t seem to do the same thing for yourself? Ever really think about it? Even better why this habit is able to keep popping up in your life? This had me confused for years.  I wish I was exaggerating but I do  mean YEARS! I found that each time when we step back from the situation that we’re in, things seems to be easier to comprehend. The next time  you come across something that is overwhelming or  worse, look at the whole situation from a bird’s eye point of view. See it from a different perspective. Even attempt to make a story about the situation as if it were about someone else and create a conclusion. I know this sounds like it can be out of the ordinary but who wants to be ordinary? Right?

give-charity-donationsContribute. In a world where humans act like robots, be the person that still has a soul. You know exactly what I mean. A huge majority of the people today can be so worried about getting hurt that they go into “it’s not my problem” or “I’m going to mind my business” mode. When you get a person who still has the giving spirit this might cause people to believe you’re a little suspect. (You know it’s the truth.) (Insert your favorite rolling eye emoji here) I promise to keep it real to make up for the people who can’t today. Grandma might have told you to focus on your own problems so that you can work on them and that may be true but just consider this…..whenever you help someone else in their life, your focus leaves the negative thinking mind. As a reminder, your energy goes where your focus flows so this does wonders. Think of planting a garden, everything you put out will come back to you in amazing ways!!

Compete. Yup, you read that perfectly fine. Competition can sometimes be looked down on and normally this isn’t something that’s healthy but I’m talking about competing against the old you! Look for things to improve on every single day! Mentally scan over all the things in your life and think to yourself, “how can I get better?” Go back to last year and think to yourself, “do I want to be in the exact same place that I was last year?”  When you compete again only yourself this takes all the anxiety and whatever else competition can come with out everything. This makes you unstoppable. Really consider it….because you don’t compete against anyone, there will be no one that is able to compete with you.

I would love to hear back from you! What did you loved most about this post? If you got value feel free to share this with your community.

With love,

Candace Kinlaw

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