4 Ways to Bring Out the Inner Game

thThere was so much that happened this week and its a little crazy. I live here in Connecticut but if you live in other parts of the country, even your home is not safe. I was a little distracted this week with things that happened to friends and loved ones in Texas and Florida. I can’t imagine waking up and figuring out how to get out of the house quick enough to make sure that my  families life and health isn’t in danger. I think about the little things we take for granted. There are so many things that come up in life unexpectantly. I have four ways to bring out the inner game to get life back on track.

focus-on-you1.pngFocus on your process. The things of your past does not determine your future. Because we’re human, we have to make a huge effort to keep an optimistic view of our self and our path and the fact that we have one. So many times, especially on social media, we can get caught up with things happening all around us. Something that I learned through my personal growth is the people are a consistent work in progress. There is not a single soul that is standing still. When we focus on other people and other circumstances, this takes the focus off of ourselves. Right?

Find your inspiration. Really take a second to think about how life happens for us and not to us. Step outside and think about the idea of growth everywhere. Seriously. Roses can grow through concrete, so what else is possible? Where can your inspiration come from? Think about the month that just past and the people that you’ve met and what they’ve brought into your life. Are you a parent maybe? Do the youth surrounding you push you to do better in your life?

Do it like you meant it. Make more decisions. We are literally one decision away from changing our life. Every decision we make is necessary and critical to the future. Think about the people who are waiting on you to change your life and step up to what can change everyone’s life. Make decisions in everything you do. Be militant about making decisions and executing on them. Spend less time on things that are trivial to your growth and spend more time taking action on the things that matter.

The body has more power than we think it does. I had a very intense and life changing car accident six years ago and broke my humerus bone and other parts of my body took a beating too. The level of growth and healing in my body was unheard of. It was intense and so miraculous how quickly it happened! Use your body to build your mood and also your confidence. The catch to this is that not many will do it. Everything that happens in life is eighty percent psychology and twenty percent mechanics. Taking small actions like standing in what is called the wonder woman or even a super hero pose with your shoulders back make a difference in raising your energy level. If you work in a office setting, putting your feet up in the old “ceo” pose brings your confidence higher. Do whatever it is that brings you higher!

women-give-moreGive early and give often. Donations make life so much more meaningful, doesn’t it? When you want a complete and powerful change in your life, donate yourself and your resources. We all have a natural craving for love. This builds an unbelievable connection like you’ve never seen before. When your doing this, it also gives off positive energy which creates more of it!  Something that I heard since I was a little girl is that you reap what you sow. When your giving more of yourself this subconsciously and un-subconsciously sets off an example to others to do it also. You step into a new version of yourself too.


With love,

Candace Kinlaw

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