They Came From The Same Momma! 

Have you ever thought of how siblings with the same mother and father  turn out completely differeimage-300x300nt in life? I know each pregnancy is different but when they come out and are brought up by the same upbringing how can that still apply the same rules? This is strangely how we go about things in life too. We do this in our families, our friendships, and in our businesses. If we wholeheartedly feel that we can present something to a person that can change their life, it is our responsibility to communicate it to them so they can hear us properly. Even better not just hear us but receive everything that we share with them. My friend, you are privileged that your reading from a mother with 3 beautiful children. You probably wondering how can this help you though? What’s in it for you right? Honey I got you!

The little sportsman. My son Keeson just wants to have fun! He makes friends better than any kid I know. This boy loves enjoying life and it doesn’t matter where as long as he’s having fun! The thing about Keeson is that he really can’t stand reading the instructions on anything but you may be able to get his attention if there is pictures. I’ll be honest I’m the exact same way. When something comes along he jumps in head first which with somethings can have a downside. Tell him exactly what he needs to hear and the rest you can keep to yourself because he wont hear you anyway! His enthusiasm is a natural gift from his birth.  I asked him to clean his room and he would get money for doing it. He replied that the money is cool but will he have fun while doing it?  I’ll have you know that whenever he has fun he is the best at what he does no matter what it is!

My little humanitarian. My Zaria is a sweet little sunflower. She wants to be an art teacher when she grows up because it’s so beautiful and loves doing it especially if its for a cause. Every time she comes to the kitchen to get a fruit, she also brings a fruit to her brother and sister because they might be hungry. When I ask her to choose which movie was wants to watch she had no preference. She loves being able to make her brother and sister’s life stress free by just watching whatever they choose. To make sure they don’t pass out she brings them water to keep them hydrated! I told her  she could win a prize if she helps her brother clean the room but she’s never interested in that stuff, it doesn’t phase her. She’s just interested in helping her big brother clean up so he doesn’t tire himself out by doing everything alone.

My little boss baby. I’d like to introduce you to Michelle!  I call her big mama! My love, you have 5 seconds to get her juice box or she will tell daddy on you! Michelle is the boss of both her brother and sister  and on most days they completely submit. When Michelle introduces herself she says her first and last name  so you understand who she is even at 3 years old. She doesn’t mind helping as long as her brother and sister does what she tells them to do. She knows how the room looks already and wont accept anything less than the best.

The mini accountant. My future child, the one I expect in the future is my little analytical guy. My baby boy has the  best memory you will ever find. As he gets older,  he remembers everything you told him back in elementary school! I ask him to help his brother and sisters to clean the room and he would get a prize. He replies back to me with questions about if the prize would be equal to the work I’m asking him to do. He asks me even more questions because he needs the facts first before he starts cleaning anything!

Even though they all come from the same destination, they are nothing at all alike. When they choose to understand each they work together beautifully. So I’d like to ask you, are you talking to everyone the same exact way?


With love,

Candace Kinlaw

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