Stop Playing With Your Life

your-attitude-your-choices-your-lifeIn life we see things a little lighter that we should. When it comes to the future and our destiny we should take this seriously because of the few that actually get it. Many do not live their dreams because they are too busy living in there fears. Sometimes we have to realize that the thing that we want will not be an easy path to have the privilege of walking. Are you  taking your life seriously?  I heard in a sermon that because we’re human we play around in a realm that’s not playing with us. I wonder how many people know and fully understand this though. I know that many will choose not to believe this but your life is the thing that can change things in this world forever. Your life matters.

Matthew 11:12 say’s “And the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.”

Recognize what your up against. There’s cute little Christian songs that we sing andkeep-calm-and-know-your-enemy nice quotes that make us feel so nice about God’s work but the problem is that some of those songs and sayings were for when we were itty bitty children. The things that Jesus goes up against wasn’t all pretty. When Jesus was doing what he was made for he meant business. He knew what things were and went about it accordingly. He was not playing games. The human mind sometimes goes into curiosity and asks about the fact that Jesus was love. Its important to really read your bible and know what it says for yourself. Jesus is the perfect example of love. Lets use an example of things like jealousy or hate in its many forms. Do you hate the person or the spirit of jealousy or hate? The example that was used is of a man beating on his wife.  Can you imagine Jesus coming in the house and trying talk calm when he looks a woman with a black eye in her face? He speaks to the spirit directly and rebukes it! You can not play with your life!

We play around with things and people who show no mercy and take no prisoners. The thing that we pray for requires a different level of who we have to become. This is a personal development blog but I’d ask for you to bare with me  as somethings in growth aren’t pretty. Anything that changes the old to new will require growth and this isn’t always a comfortable thing. Sometimes you hear people say things like “feel the burn” with  big smile on their face! That’s false advertisement and a bold face lie if we’re being real with each other. When your body transforms into something different it doesn’t feel good. I learned that Jesus  is a peaceful man but he is very serious in all he was doing! Jesus brings the sword against every evil thing. Sometimes we think the problem is people and circumstance but its not even close to what we think.

What’s really stopping you from getting to your greatness? For real though.

Matthew 7:7 says, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

There’s no plan B. You ever hear the saying, “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”?  I never really understood this until it was crystal clear. Sometimes we ask for things and don’t acknowledge it when it comes to pass in ours lives. In the bible the saying in Matthew 7:7 which was a verse that I was very familiar with but there was something about when I heard it differently in a sermon. We pray for things that we really want in our lives and God hears our prayers. When we look for ways to make the thing come to life we make connections, we build our way up in order to get positioned where ever God would like us to be. Now we got things lined up for us and we presented a door. The problem is that its locked. We don’t recognize it and it doesn’t look like we expected to be so we turn away or give up. We must recognize that if God put a desire in us that he will also be there to pull us through.  Who will you become to be able to open that door?


Nothing is handed to you. Sometimes we get a little confused and maybe even schizophrenic. Are you willing to go out and get what has been in your face? We have a habit of looking for the sign that say’s you have arrived but in real life this doesn’t happen. As believers of Christ we have to boldly go out and get what is rightfully ours. We have to demand a better version of ourselves especially if what God calls us to do his work in helping his people. The biggest thing that I learned in life is that it never really is about us.



With love,

Candace Kinlaw

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