Lessons From Love

It is a strong foundation…this thing called love. If your a person of addiction…this is the most potent of all that you’ll ever come across. You would think it’s classified in the highest categories of drugs because of the power it has. Although I found that the lining of it is of complete innocence.  Love is like money.  It is amoral. It’s completely unbiased and available for all. OOhhh…I can hear the pain of a heart that would beg to differ.  It’s like it beats to a new sound.  Something I keep getting knocked down by is that how dynamic it is.  It never fails, doesn’t get tired and doesn’t quit.  Testing this out as humans is humbling. Like everything else, what love is or isn’t has been passed down a given to us from generation to generation and it can take almost everything in our being to reflect this beauty if/when there is no model to go by.

“How bold one gets when one is sure of being loved.” Sigmund Freud

Ain’t it the truth? It’s for real like a super power.  The thought of it shakes me to my core. When its pure, the presence of it is like the contents of Teflon and it’s impenetrable. Scripture has it so poetic in words and flows so effortless and when you know better it can be easier said then done a majority of the time. One of my favorite writers lays it out so vivid that agape love… the agape love is real, it’s wide, it’s rich, extremely high and soo deep. It. Is. Unstoppable. There’s no length it couldn’t reach to get to you. It’s why many have come closed to bursting through walls to get to it. Some think this is a fluke but what has it be so potent is that it doesn’t keep records of wrong. Like we can do in our humanity. You know what I’m talking about? As humans, we can remember what someone did to you in the 6th grade when your 50. It might feel good but in the long run it just doesn’t work. 

When  I think I have it figured out, something or some situation always seems to bring me in even deeper into discovering it newly. When my heart seems to be melted to what I believe to be “it” Jesus’s spirit in me gives a proverbially shove that nudges “hey, did you see this?”

close up of tea light candle against black background
Photo by George Becker on Pexels.com


Truth is… it took me a while to write this post. I was just sitting there in my draft section because it was like the words got lost.  I got this desire to write and then a fog came over me.  Love? How could I write about it? It’s a deep frequency that’s completely irresistible. It’s so diverse. And it came at a cost. It is to die for and “given freely to everyone so that no one could boast” and it lives inside of every single one of us.  In my development I discovered that it’s omnipresent.  Some could beg to differ but it bigger than life.  It shows up in so many ways, for a deeper and vivid view of it,  close your eyes and go into yourself. Some forms can only be felt because that infinite in the ways it presents itself to you.

purple rose on wooden surface
Photo by Creative Free Stock on Pexels.com

It is the sun shining on your skin. It’s in the air blowing past you just enough as though to say hello. It’s in the meal that you were so ready to eat. It’s in the smile from a complete stranger. It’s in the hug from a loved one. It’s in the gratitude for the last few breaths you just took. It’s in the trees that stand powerfully throughout all four seasons. It’s in the soap suds when you wash your hands every day. At the beach it’s in the waves and flowing through the sand. Sit still, everything is playing in an orchestra surrounding you. In the times where it feels like you can’t go anymore, like there is no way out it’s in the stillness and feeling of if “I got this far in life…I can go further.” It’s in the choosing another before yourself and it’s in choosing yourself first to powerfully love another. Love is in the ride to work and in job in which you chose. It surrounds you. When you feel like your completely alone and there is no one to rescue you, the gift of love is purchased and placed inside of you. When you walk past a window or a mirror and see your reflection…it’s the smile that you give YOU.

Look for the opportunities waiting to be reveal itself to you.

With love,

Candace Kinlaw

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