4 Ways to Baby Step into Losing Weight

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Losing weight can be hard or challenging in the beginning. Just like walking….why not baby step our way into it? I get it… at one time, I wanted a body like Beyoncé but now, after years went by, I just wanted to be  and feel healthy. My vision and perspective on life is different. A whole 360.  I wanted to be able to have a play date with my kids and nephews without feeling so drained afterwards. Feel me? Not sure if you need a graphic but at the time that I’m writing this my kids are the ages of 6, 9, and almost 11.

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Before all the craziness of this pandemic on the  weekends we’d have my cute little 9 year old nephew who is very powerful and athletic  over and having them all together requires high levels of energy. My 6 year old doesn’t EVER get tired. Like ever. Some days I feel like when I turn my back she goes into a secret stash of endless sugar and reminds me of the princess from the movie Wreck It Ralph.  Get what I mean? I’ve tried soooo many things and have invested soo much into my health and nothing I’ve experience was a loss but a lesson I  found that was equal to chasing the wind. If your not a person with a lot of time to spare I have 4 ways for you to get yourself right without the overwhelm that will show to be effective.

The first is to be clear of your readiness of losing weight. Step in the mirror and ask yourself…..Why am I doing this? When I was younger I made the mistake of having my motivation behind losing weight  as looking delicioso at the beach. You know? Beeaacchhh Boooddyyyy!! I wanted my honies eyes on me , just me and nothing else but me. That streamed from such a place of insecurity and it was a structure for failure. Have you every been there? What I came across was that I did that for about a month and then quit. It’s gotta be for you and you alone.  The seriousness of this is so critical that it can set the tone for any step, sit up or crunch that you ever set out to do. Asking yourself questions of why you’d set out to do this is almost a lifeline to be able to win and move forward powerfully and having lasting results. Something I’ve discovered not just with weight loss but with finances, relationships with myself or others and so much  more is that 80 percent of what you want comes to reality through your habits, the other 20 percent is the knowledge. Knowledge is great but without doing what you learned, its pointless.  Do the search inside of you and ask the questions you normally wouldn’t.

What happens when you are healthy? Can you imagine it? When you close your eyes, can you see it in your mind? Can you imagine the foods you’d be eating when this is a true reality? You’d probably lay low on cheeseburger and fries right? Everything in moderation. What new lifestyle would you now have when your goal is achieved? You might even plan events to go to with your friends and family. Things that you weren’t previously energized to do. It could be anything your heart goes for.


When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Have you heard this saying? Sounds cute right? Super elementary. So cute and elementary that you might just miss how lethal and deathly it is to your whooollleeee mission. Don’t be fooled.  Do this realistically. It is my belief that the making of the earth was not built in a day. Funny story. I cannot make this up. I always have been a free spirit back and when I had my son, my sisters came over and I got the urge to do squats.

I forgot who inspired me to want to do a squat challenge. OH YES. The undisciplined Simba from the Lion King  side to who I’ve always was been, (depending the topic..still am) said  “I’mma  do 100 squats TODAY.” I wasn’t able to peacefully sit down for about a week and a half. (I truly wish that I was over exaggerating.) The seasoned version of who I am knows better and discovered first hand to NEVER do that again. EVER.  What is your goal friend? Anything done starts one step at a time. One hour to get to the next. One day walking turns into a routine of a week. 10 sit-ups a day for a weekly strengthens you for 20 in the next. You get what I’m getting at here? If you can bring your mind to the process of learning how a building is made…the majority  intellectually gets that it takes  one day at a time. That’s cool but going deeper… Thinking of the end goal and going backwards. What is your step one? Realistically. There is no easy route. Character and so much more comes with this. Write it down, plan it out and the simpler the better.


Keep the consistency going. Momentum brings energy. Tons of it. It builds a confidence and peace that’s sweeter than honey. Now that I have 3 children, I have patience to babysit and be around more. Know what I’m talking bout? Starting off with 20 minutes of working out….no matter which flavor you choose slowly moves mountains and whatever those are for you.. The temptation of focusing on your progress will be there. AND there’s beauty in it. How? After hours, days and  months of hard work you can look back. The beauty is in looking back. Looking back at the mountain that possibly no one in your circle, family and more couldn’t or wouldn’t budge. You get the honor and gratitude to see the changing of the pottery that is you and everything behind you transforming into something new. Small tasks over and over creates a masterpiece. Looking back at the mountain is sweeter than honey you can’t resist. I’m rooting for you.

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With love,

Candace Kinlaw

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  1. Grace says:

    Amazing tips. Thanks for sharing. All we can ask for is our health and there are certainly tools to getting there!

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    1. ckinlaw87 says:

      Thank you for taking the time to read, I’m grateful for the feedback!

      Liked by 1 person

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