Mommy and Tragedies

It’s been so long.

I know.

Well, I got a little more time on my hands with mother natures child that she named corona acting out.  Have you heard about her temper tantrums?

How much of a tragedy and drama she’s created?

I trust that your keeping yourself well and letting that pour out on the people around you.  This year has opened my eyes and heart to sooo much and it’s humbling and I’m beyond grateful. Being a mom looks different to me and it has for a while. Keep in mind..I only been at this for 10 years and I still have so much room to grow. It is the truest gift that keeps on giving. The gangsta part of me flows more gracefully now that I have children in ways that the ratchet side (yes ratchet) of me would have it’s way. You know what I’m talkin’ about? It’s humbling. The lover in me has spiked up in such a way it’s comical. I’ve always flowed with love but in a sense it would most days be colored by a selfishness. I love both adults and children newly… like.. I view them newly. What it means to care for another human being newly. Motherhood has given me this privilege.

When I see one of my children talking sideways to their brother or sister, I can tell my gangsta to sit down when it wants to yell “remember that you love each other or I’mma help you refresh your memory!!” Ever been there? You gonna leave me hangin’? It’s cool. Mommy instincts help me to shut my mouth and put myself in their little 6,9,and almost 11 year old bodies and empathize with how they view the situation. It’s humbling and it softens my heart because it doesn’t stop here in my house. This follows me with my other family members, friends and the people in my community. A question I have for you is… can you see the drama of another through the eyes of the 5 year old version of who they appear to be?

I know your probably thinking.. “Candace. Your being extra right now.”  I get it. Humor me and try it. You’d be amazed at what you come to find. When I see my child about to lose their patience with their brother or sister this crazy love washes over me when I ask myself the question…”what is this..really?” or “what’s under the cover of this?” My children as I have always said under God have been my best teachers. They teach me lessons in such an elementary and loving way that most days brings me to tears.

A challenge I wanna bring you is, when your mother, father, sister, brother, bugged out co-worker and/or boss starts rubbing you the wrong way…attempt to view them through the eyes of a parent. Skip over the truth that your logic shows you and tap into your senses in viewing them through a deeper level. In trying times where things like “tragedy” or chaos comes around something new can be born.

Just sharing my heart. I’d love for you to share yours.

With love,

Candace Kinlaw

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