How Many Times Do I Try?


It’s been a while.

Have you ever said this to yourself? I wanna have more….but how many times do I try? And, that’s out loud so that another can hear your or silently to yourself. It could sound like…”I want MORE but it’s not looking like anything is ever gonna change!!” I want to let you know today that your not alone and there are many others like you. The more I hear about the condition of the world today…

Alright, PAUSE.

Here..I’ll make it even more real.

I’m sitting in my car on my way back from dropping my kids off from summer camp and I got my hand covering my mouth and my eyes fill up with tears because of the content of dialogue in the beautiful human being that I was speaking to. I walk back to my car, grab my phone to post a thought provoking statement to bring power to who ever reads on my Facebook app and I look at social media and my timeline is filled with pain. I then briefly think about the previous conversations I’ve had in that week  and it presences me to having to bring intentionality to my day and everything that it consists of. The more I am clear that when things take a 360 for the good in my community and in my country…it’s going to be God’s fingerprints all over it. The thought of it is humbling. I put my key in the ignition, put my foot on the gas pedal, put on one of my favorite songs, turn my wheel, put my seat belt on and pull of to start the tasks of my day.

I gotta be honest, I’ve never been so humble and humbled in my life. When looking at the environment and the condition of it, the pain screams louder and louder. Depending the mentality, it can spiritually and emotionally take a crack at the knees! I KNOW. That’s a pretty bold visual but it couldn’t ring more true. With the same strength, I’ve gotten so present to the miracle that a person and everything one is and who one really can be is a gift to the world and everything in it.

So for the dreams that the past shows your human thinking evidence of not  being possible, I ask are you willing to take another look? With a new lens and perspective? I want to invite you to take the rock (trial or obstacle) in your life and speak to it.   Behind closed doors or in public. One of the greatest people that God chose to use revealed the power of God inside of him. Are you familiar with Moses? He really was something extraordinary.  Not just in wishes and words but in taking actions with the orders he was given. Yeah..He was afraid of the responsibility that he was given and God made it known to him.  He let Moses know…If you shrink who you really are these people ain’t gonna respect me! To give a visual God was straight up in His speaking to Moses so He got him to a clarity in understanding and in a sense told him “tell your emotions to go sit down somewhere. I run the show, I got you!” Think of a football coach speaking to the team in a level they can receive it for a visual.

Hear this…

You are a miracle and whatever it is in your heart is possible with the right perspective. Look at your “rock” in the face and serve notice that there’s gonna be a new game plan. And your going to win the game you play because your father knows the ending.

With love,

Candace Kinlaw

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Deborah says:

    Speak to that mountain girl!


    1. ckinlaw87 says:

      Yes, this year everyone and the communities I’m connected to will have growth.


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