5 Ways To Have and Keep Whatever You Like!

I don’t know about you but this sounds like something I could have daily and for the rest of my life! The deeper I go in myself the more things are being revealed to me. Listen, I been flipping through books. I have been listening to audios. I been going hard in listening to my coach. I swear,  there was days where I was feeling like I was going out of my mind (and I might have been, just a little) to crack the code to this thing called life!! What’s the secret? Right?  There’s a quote that rings bells in my life and I pray this does you justice in your life too! “Just do what your passionate about and the rest will follow.”

Search yourself thoroughly. If you do this the rest will be cake for you. If your vegan then maybe a carrot or a veggie pie? Ok never mind…. clearly I am not funny when I TRY to be. Ok..squirrel moment sorry. I briefly spoke about this in one of my previous posts. There is no such thing as a perfect person but to learn a weakness that you have and do nothing about it is and will never be OK. Consider this….the world changers of the world are people who dig in understanding the importance of knowing their weaknesses. Even deeper, it’s someone waiting on you right now to get yourself together… it’s someone out there right now waiting on you to level up.

Go to work on YOU. I’m talking drill sergeants, somebody disrespected your kids, somebody talked bad about your mama hard work on yourself!  When you find out what it is that your weak on…work to grow strength in that area. Everybody’s different so the weaknesses can go from catching your ego when it shows up to saving money to have for that nice savings account for the future. Take some time to consider what it is for you. It’s hard changing your life. This is why many won’t do it.

Keep it 100 with you. Set yourself up as a mirror of honesty. For many this is something that makes people run to the liquor bottle or maybe crack open a pack of cigarettes. You know I ain’t lyin’! To keep it real with yourself is to be dangerous! Where are you on integrity? Do you do the things  you say you will do? It would be great if one day people just starting loving and respecting you but it just doesn’t work that way. Some want others respect but what are you will to do to get it? In order to keep it real with other people it begins with you keeping it real with yourself. Think about it…everyone is a guru today and almost everyone dishes out their opinion so first impressions are sometimes everything. Over time you can build a relationship with people and you may not have all the answers but people will rock with you because they know that you are honest and your word is your bond. If nothing else… remember this.

This is so cliché but do something that scares you daily. It’s almost impossible to stay the same when you do. It also makes you a person of wisdom and experience. Now does this mean that you have to go and get gangsta and jump out of an airplane? No. Although, if your about that life by all means…go for it! I’d love to hear about that. Do something that gets you out of your comfort zone. Something that I’ve learned time and time again from friends, partners, coworkers, and my own personal experiences that a lot of the things do get done because we’re afraid to do it.  Does being scared ever hold you back? As an example I’ve started a group of women to bring back empowerment for REAL. In order for this to really be successful, it means that I have to open up completely or it won’t inspire to do the same thing. Everyone is different so this might mean being vulnerable or it could mean asking for a raise at your job or maybe even opening up a business!   There’s a saying that the secret to getting ahead is getting started.

Life is beautiful. The deeper I go into myself is the deeper I go into the meaning of life.  I heard Les Brown say that what you give is what you get, so I want to give my life away. What you give out to the world is what you’ll get back and multiplied. Don’t believe it? Test that out for yourself. This may be tough or you might be relieved but the life your living was created by you. Are you grateful of the thought of this or does that scare you? Building a life of REAL beauty is what brings people to love and adore you. Giving out love, knowledge, and light in a dark world will make you a person of value. Consider it.

I want to hear back from you! What did you love most about this post? If you got value, feel free to share this with your community.

With love,

Candace Kinlaw

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  1. Deborah says:

    I’ve been missing you. Are you still out there chasing your dreams?


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