5 Ways To Get Your Blood Pressure Right Without All Those Pills!

766x415_7_Foods_that_are_good_for_high_blood_pressureLet me tell you.. last year was a real eye opener for me. I was in true amazement of the fact of how some things can be considered so small until they’re compromised. Feel me? It’s one thing when you grew up with watching your parents having health issues but it’s another for you to slip into that status yourself! Right? With so many things people do  on a daily basis it’s so easy to forget about your health and we think doing small things like drinking healthy water and buying healthy foods are expensive but how about cancer or dialysis or YOUR LIFE? The price went up a bit didn’t it? It might seem like a cold way of thinking yet it’s really something to consider. You agree? I got some solutions for one of the things that matter and we have control over handling now…that’s our blood pressure.

  This for many is easier said than done but drop some pounds and  slim down your waistline.  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being a little on the thick side. I hate when people  call others fat! I would rather someone be called pretty hot and tempting. On a serious  note though, something that’s proven for many people is that blood pressure tends to go up when the weight goes up. Now don’t get all crazy with this because to some weighing over 2 lbs means your overweight and I am not a doctor so please be sure to consult in yours. Being overweight can be scary though, it can mess with your sleep (sleep apnea) which can also raise your blood pressure. Again, you don’t have to go all captain underpants and lose your mind with this but losing even 10 pounds will change your whole life and when you can lose 10…this make it easier to keep going until your blood pressure is where you want it.

Make a routine of fitting exercise into your days.  Some believe that you have to go like 2 hours to be effective but this is just not true! If you can be consistent with 20-30 minutes of movement overtime your blood pressure will lower.  Notice the emphasis on consistent because if you have a routine going and then stop…this can raise your blood pressure back up and you don’t want your work going to waste. Many believe that you have to do Arnold Schwarzenegger works out and if you can more power to you but again, it’s just not true. You can do simple workouts that are extremely effective. Some examples of exercises are indoor or outdoor walking, swimming, jogging, dancing. Most of these can be done right in the home. Something that I learned is the hardest part about going to the gym…is GOING to the gym. (run it back if you need to) find ways to move your body. Go online or ask your doctor about some groups you can be apart of or maybe even a support program you can be apart of.

How are you  eating? I’ll be honest my husband, our  kids and I went down south for the holiday  to visit our family and we couldn’t stay away from the milkshakes! OMG! I felt possessed! Something that I learned the true definition of is…you are what you eat! That’s worth saying a few times because it matters. Take a moment to think about your diet. I used to religiously add salt to everything. I wouldn’t even taste if it needed it.  It was a horrible habit I picked up from my elders. It’s definitely not easy changing your habits but it’s worth it! If your anything like me this can be a lot in the beginning so tracking your food and things helps big time. If you have a notebook at home…start to keep a food journal. This will help you see where you are with what you put in your body! It will make a difference. Raise your potassium level, if you don’t believe it just consider it. Lowering your sodium that you put in your body can drop your blood pressure. Again, run it by your doctor to see what’s right for you. Everyone is different! It’s easy to pop a pill to raise it but what about the natural way with fruits and vegetables? The last one some get a little crazy about but just consider it. When you go food shopping, check some of those labels on the foods your buying. I know that some of the organic foods can look a little pricey but think about how much it costs people to pay doctors and surgeons and dentists and health coaches to get back to a health place… you know…high blood pressure free. This also helps with the journal and what your putting in there and your body.

Get a manual or electronic blood pressure machine for the home. Surprisingly, their really not that expensive and make a huge difference in your lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, having a doctor take your blood pressure is cool but you need to keep track of your blood pressure personally also. This will also let you see how your body responds to your lifestyle changes.  This is also something that can help you see if you need to visit your doctor more or less depending on your results. Ask your doctor about how you can get started with this too!

The last thing is something that I am a full blown cheerleader of and that is get support from your friends and/or family. One of the hardest things to do is change your life. Everyone could agree that it’s easy to stay the same but changing your life is something that few people would do. Something that many do not know is a lot of the stuff we do is 80% mental and 20% physical. Having supportive people around you telling you that you can do it will boost your new journey that your stepping in to. As a little reminder: You deserve to be happy….GO FOR IT!

I want to hear back from you! What did you love most about this post? If you got value, feel free to share this with your community.

With love,

Candace Kinlaw

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  1. AnandaDivine says:

    I enjoyed reading your perspective regarding healing the body naturally and not just putting a bandaid over the wound. When in conversation about my way of eating, I get those who say to me, “Well, isn’t eating that way expensive?? How can you afford it?” My reply, I cannot afford not to. You see, it’s a better investment for me with a greater return by taking care of my body so that it can take care of itself than to invest money on chemical interventions without a money back guarantee or side affects which lead to a breakdown in other areas.
    Wonderful post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ckinlaw87 says:

      Seriously the truth and I onder how many people don’t think like this! It’s important that we see outside the box. Our lives are depending on it!


  2. Great post Candace! Your photo is amazing. Love it!


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