3 Top Ways To Make More Sales

If your serious about changing your world, you HAVE to change to impact peoples lives. It’s going to take dedication and absolute integrity in raising the quality of someone’s life. As you seen last year go by quickly, this year is going to go by even quicker. What’s going to be the thing that people remember about you? Think about in order to help change  a person’s life you have to get them working with you if you believe that what you have has the ability to do that.

The same way you would follow-up or rsvp with people you invited to a birthday party is the same way you have to be when it comes to your business. It something that people miss and I’ll even admit that it took me a while to understand this myself. Seriously though, do you check to make sure the person is coming for AHEAD OF TIME? There  is so much that people go through on a daily basis. I have an iPhone, so they have all kind of apps and one built-in is the calendar and also reminders but nothing will top getting confirmation about your meeting or event personally. Emails and reminders are still necessary, having a phone call is more intimate and tells the person that your excited about meeting with them.

In my inbox, it is one of the best feelings to get a video that’s wishing me  a happy  birthday or a quick happy thanksgiving or any holiday video that would matter most. A quick video shows that you believe in still being human. The videos make it possible for people to see your personality and to show that you genuinely care. How many people are doing this? Social media has turned people into little robots. We forget that the people behind the avatar are real people. Sending a video puts a special connection between you and the potential life long  business partner. This is definitely something to consider.

Back when I was available to the fellas and in my single days…. guys would ask me what my phone number was and I would attempt to get them the phone number and might have been one digit off or so. Then I starting realizing that guys starting asking me right on the spot. That’s when I would let them know I wasn’t interested in them. ESPECIALLY if I knew they only were going to waste my time. My husband, who at the time was a stranger presented himself the right way to me and I wanted  to learn more about what he had to offer. He was serious about learning more about who I was so right there on the spot he asked for my number and called it to make sure he would be getting the right person. 8 years and 3 kids later, I believe he got the right person. My friend, lock in an appointment in real-time. In a world where there is so much distractions, your sales won’t be one.


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With love,

Candace Kinlaw

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