If You Felt Like Giving Up, Read this!

o-BURNOUT-facebookI don’t know about you but I been here a few times before! Burnout does not feel good and it’s light years away from FUN. Keeping up with parenting, having family event pop-ups, maintaining a full-time job, keeping my husband happy, making time for myself, and on top of all of this….growing my business without the assistance of any drugs or alcohol makes me feel like a five-star ninja! Ha-ha! Can you feel me on this? Life can get very real, how do you make it so that you miss the burnout of all of it? Everyone who is anyone wants to be successful in life but sometimes there’s some read between the line moment with content that we miss completely. Stick with me to go over some ways I found useful.

What’s your motive? Why do you do what you do? Take some time to think about this because I promise you that it matters 98% of your way. If your moves are only made because of money, it’s just not enough. When things get sticky or overwhelmed you’ll quit. One thing you can count on is when things are bigger than yourself, you are going to have everything coming at you, testing you to see if you really want what you said you wanted when the happy feeling was there and left you. Don’t get me lying and make you think I don’t appreciate what having money can bring you but it should actually be the last thing on the list. What’s the reason you do what you do? It should break you on the inside and get you into action on the outside.

Don’t burst your enthusiasm balloon. This is sooooo easy to do. Trust and believe I fell into this trap too many times for my own liking. It’s so easy to go into full cheerleader mode and super save the world mode only at the cost of losing yourself completely. There were nights where I would literally go into wonder woman mode and get the clothes for my kids put out the night before school, get my blogging for the next few days done, the tasks for the outreach work with the kids that need a little extra love, I would plot out my marketing strategy only to completely feel like a zombie the next day. Oh…. my friend, it does not feel good when you don’t keep an even keel. A secret that many won’t consider is that like success burnout doesn’t discriminate against anyone.

Do what makes your soul happy. When you’re doing things that affect the rest of your life this is going to matter as much as your heartbeat matters to the rest of your body. Feel me?  I once joined a business opportunity and the opportunity didn’t speak to my soul. I was in it for the wrong reason and was confused as to why I couldn’t progress.  The company was great but I felt like I wasn’t myself. I was speaking like the mentor. I felt like my personality was jacked. I was living a life that was like it was hacked! You have to consider the fact of if the thing you’re doing in your business, in your personal or professional relationship is really speaking to the deeper layers of you. If not, it won’t work. Doing things you don’t love is when stress and burnout happen at its best. Think about it. A huge life-changing question to ask yourself is, “do I absolutely love what I’m doing and can I see myself doing this 5 years from now?

You are what you eat. I know you’ve heard this saying a million times. This is a truth in the physical and mental sense too. I’m asking that you consider the thought of you not allowing anyone give you food from a trash can or let a person walk in your warm home with muddy, filthy shoes. When choosing communities or environments, you have to have this same attitude. Who you surround yourself with, you become. I once heard someone give an amazing example of if you only eat junk food your prone to getting sick, having diabetes or worse. The same rules go with the mind.

I want to hear back from you! What did you love most about this post? If you got value, feel free to share this with your community.

With love,

Candace Kinlaw

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  1. Deborah says:

    Been missing you on Periscope! But I get it. My husband always says we become like the books we read , the jokes we laugh at, and the people we hang around with. I’ve spent the last little while paring down that list, and it’s been amazingly helpful to me. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ckinlaw87 says:

      Thank you for reading Deborah, I miss your scopes too. Your husband is 100% right… we become what we think about, who we surround ourselves with and everything else we’re connected to. Everything happens for a reason and in due time we’ll all learn what that means. I’m excited!

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