Build Your Confidence For Real This Time

thYeah, I know it’s a little deep and make cut real deep for some. There’s so much power in letting go of the things that do not serve you so that you can make room for the things that do. It makes a sense of calm in your mind. It rushes excitement through your whole body! Its an intense feeling of chains being broken and torn off of your life! Having confidence gives you permission to live your life the way that you design it. Have you ever closed your eyes and thought about if your confidence level was raised to a higher standard that you could literally have whatever you like? Keep reading because I want to share 3 ways to boost your confidence for real.

Absorb one thing at a time. There’s an acronym that I love and it’s follow one course until successful. When you put whole hearted focus it’ll be people that may be better in so many other things but at this one task no one will surpass you! I heard a saying that I say on a daily basis and that’s “ain’t nobody better than me in my lane!” Consistency is everything! Get so good at one thing that you surprise yourself!! Every time you go for it, the next time will be better and the time after that even better. Something that I learned from Gary Kellers book “The One Thing” is that having success isn’t about doing  a gazillion things. It’s about doing one thing and getting amazing at it. The best thing about it is that anyone with a pulse can get good a one thing. Right?

Get comfortable with validating you! For the longest time, this is something that I had a been struggling with. There would literally be times were I would feel sick about this for the lack of validation. REAL TALK…. 80% of the people we look to for validation don’t even have themselves together. I’m just being honest.  When your working throughout your day, do you remember to tell yourself that your doing a good job? How about “yessss… you got this” or “your getting better, that took courage to do that”. When you start telling yourself positive things, it sets you up nicely for the next time to be a winner in your own eyes. When you validate yourself others opinions or validation won’t be necessary. Talk to yourself like YOU are your coach. While other people sometime flip out about making a mistake or not reaching the goal the first time, it’ll make you shift your mindset in believing you will do better next time.

Be repetitious with your actions. Anything good that’s turned great came with action. Anything you want to be the master of takes constant action in doing it. It’s kind of like having a fear of something. The only way to face your fear is by doing it over and over again. Right? Being repetitive lets you look at the past to see how far you’ve grown. This shows you the power of doing one thing and show it to the world!

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With love,

Candace Kinlaw

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