Grow Up To Go Up

14Feature-Brad-Powell-Time-to-Grow-Again-1230-300x225I know we all could align with the thought of needing to grow. I mean in our personal lives, our professional life and everywhere else. One of the things that are hitting me lately is….where are you going if your health is not past the minimal standards? Think about it….. I’ll wait. When everything is shining, the bills are paid it’s the easiest thing to maintain happiness and your sanity but what about when you get a notice in the mail about the light bill? How about when your kid’s meal balance at school is low. How about hearing your family member or close one has cancer…..what happens then? Will your joy still be inside of you? I want to share with you something’s that has worked for me and I believe strongly when you really want it… can do the same thing for you.

Who are you surrounded by? I know you probably heard time and time again but really think about this. Something I heard from a respected leader that almost cracked me in the chest is “YOU attract who you are, not what you want.” So a question I have for you is, do you surround yourself with good quality people? A quote that sticks out to me is “Choose your friends wisely, and also choose friends that you can trust By Elyn Saks. When you think about your friend group and the people you let in, does this saying make you proud or a little disappointed?

Be ok with not knowing everything. This will make you a student of life and in return it magically brings you everything. Make a commitment of being a lifelong learner.

I want to hear back from you! What did you loved most about this post? If you got value, feel free to share this with your community.

With love,

Candace Kinlaw

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