In Rejection There is Growth

Rejection-Just-Ahead-Road-SignThis is something everyone takes so personal. Right? This can seriously be almost like death for many but what happens when we make our rejection serve us? Everything in life is meant to happen directly for you. When you listen to your own love song that life made just for you and you chose to over come it then you will grow from it. I’m talking you will grow outrageously! I’m sure you’ve heard not to take rejection personal but sometimes it just is and you should embrace that because it can be the very thing to elevate you on to another level! I believe now more than ever is a great time to activate that thick skin you probably didn’t even know you had.

 Is it you that’s being rejected? Ok, For this question… you gotta get a little real with YOU.  Now, when I say this I mean you have to be 100 percent real about it. You could have the latest and greatest idea, product, package and still get turned down in your professional or personal life. So many fall into the trap that it’s the idea that people are turning down but is this an absolute truth? Take a moment to yourself and have a heart to heart and ask yourself some things on a scale from 1-10. Think about the people or person you’re talking to. This is a tough question but how strong is their faith in you? If you’re presenting something, does the person your speaking to believe that your going to pull it off? Do they believe your going to come through on your promises? Do a thorough self check and evaluate if you come off as a trustworthy person. Well….. do you? Are you seen as a person with posture or a nervous wreck? These are things that may go through a person’s head so consider it.

Is it your idea that’s being rejected? Does what you have solve a problem for the person? There’s no rush on getting your answer, really take some time for answering this. This is a world where people are a majority of the time focus of themselves and their own needs. (You know I ain’t lying) This is sad but it’s extremely true. If what you have doesn’t serve them it will not resonate with them and your message will not be heard. This may burn but I ask you to consider the idea that the people who give you the worst feedback is your best chance to get better if your ego doesn’t get involved. It’s literally like  a coaching session. It’s important that we constantly make improvements. If your still a little confused, I’ll give an example. Are you giving/selling milk to people who are lactose intolerant? Are yo trying to give beef burgers to people who are vegetarians? I hope that hit home.

maxresdefaultIs your price the thing that being rejected? Sadly there’s always going to be people who look for the price before they look at anything else but this is only fear of if it will or will not be the thing for them. Some will see a price and buy something cheap have it break and repeat this over and over versus buying one strong item that will last forever. Think about doctors and the patients they have. The person that has a cure to an illness will never struggle with the price objection. It just doesn’t happen. Get what I’m saying? When my husband bought my truck he didn’t have the full amount. We have 3 children, I help out with transportation with my sister who has 2 but soon to be 3 children. I needed to get back and forth to work, to my kid’s school and to other places and my husband didn’t want to share a car. He also didn’t want to have me in the tight car that I had (which was on its way out) …. he saw the value and made a way to buy it. The thought of not having something better hit a nerve in him. When I went for my ear surgery I didn’t have the money and the price of it made me a little depressed because it was overwhelming but I saw the end picture and what my surgery would do for me. With the price on the paper in my hand, I thought about the times my kids were late to school because I couldn’t wake up on time because I couldn’t hear the alarm clock. I remembered my baby girl singing to me and I barely could hear her. I started pretending with a smile so she believed that I could. The pain helped me to come up with the money. Is your “thing” giving a person a way to a new life? Will it bring hope?

Ask yourself: does this really serve them?

I want to hear back from you! What did you loved most about this post? If you got value, feel free to share this with your community.

With love,

Candace Kinlaw

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