Making Big Moves? Some Thing’s Have To Go…

la-et-oscar-talk-gallery-20170126-003When we are making moves in our personal or professional lives, having the courage to take a new route is crucial. When the dream is bigger than you and the change that happens in your life will inspire others it’s almost selfish not to level up. Some things are made to lift you up and build you stronger but if they don’t serve you or your purpose they have got to go. It may seem challenging in the beginning but everyone in your community and the people who need you to step up will appreciate the moves you made and some may even understand why you made the moves you chose.

Complaining. You can complain and allow others to come into your life who use your peace and inner person as a dumping source but will this serve you? There is an old saying that you can not have a negative mind and expect a positive life. The thoughts that we hold in our mind are so important. If we knew the power of it, we would never have another thought that doesn’t serve us. If this is not currently possible, we would take every opportunity to make a strong effort in moving toward raising the quality of our thoughts. I learned in reading The Attractor Factor by Joe Vitale that everything that happens to us is something that we attracted to ourselves because of who we are on the inside. If you really want to live a purposeful life, the complaining should be eliminated if possible.

“What you’re supposed to do when you don’t like a thing is change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. Don’t complain.”
― Maya Angelou

Limiting beliefs. This is something that I dealt with for such a long time. It really was something that took me a while to acknowledge and address to take appropriate actions that I needed to take in order to change my life around and it’s a necessity that you check this at the door when it pays you a visit! I learned in my personal development journey is that limiting belief systems are centuries and centuries of what our past experiences have shown us and we weren’t able to get over.  As an example, it can sound like, “the last time I rode a bike I fell so bike riding must not be for me!” This has the ability to put itself on replay in our heads but luckily we have the stop button. We have the authority to say the buck stops with me!

Blaming others. We are living in a time where the words “it’s their fault” flies out of a persons mouth so loosely. This has to be the craziest things that we could ever do. In The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure by Grant Cardone, he says that when we blame other people we make them the solution. I don’t know about you but I will not give another person that much power over my life. When we take ownership over our own lives we become the solution. We create the outcome of the next chapter of our lives.

Negative self-talk. We have a tendency to boost other people up and forget the importance of self-love. We speak to our spouses, friends, family, co-workers and then some with love and appreciation but forget to do this for ourselves. Negative self-talk is something that happens so subtly. The even more fascinating fact is that we wouldn’t say half of the things that we say to ourselves to other people! Crazy right? I want to challenge you to change your old belief about yourself. Speak life over your situations and watch things move in your favor!

Living in the past. There is a time where we get stuck at the corner of misery needs company and ain’t nothing poppin’ over here!! We replay past pains over and over again but nothing good ever comes from that does it? We hang out in old areas of our lives and open up old doors that got cobwebs all on them and get upset when nothing new comes out of it. I want to tell you that when you’re driving a new car, are stuck in the rear view mirror that it’s easy to crazy and cause damage in going forward in the direction you originally began with.

Resistance to change. When you’re standing in front of door number three which is supposed to be the door that has the ability to change your life, do walk toward or away from the door? I completely understand that change can be terrifying when we are up close and personal with it. There is always hidden obstacles in life that are meant to grow us. The last thing I want to ask you is “are you open to change when it presents itself to you?

With love,

Candace Kinlaw

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. hanaya602 says:

    Good article Caandace. I couldn’t agree more with everything said. It’s all about the sacrifices we’re willing to take in life. Very inspirational because I know i’m guilty of a couple of these things listed. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ckinlaw87 says:

      Thank you for reading Ken! I’m glad you enjoyed it.


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