The Most Empowering Word Is……

NOYou would think that the most empowering word in the world is yes. Don’t get me wrong,  when we want things in life hearing a “yes” can boost up our energy level but do we learn from it? You do feel a rush, I can’t even lie about that but unless you get denial first will “yes” be appreciated as much? I was listening to the audio version of the book by Courage Crafters called  Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There and it changed my view on a few things in life!

When you really think about this, we grow best from hearing the word no. When we’re denied of something it makes us want to ask questions and dig more to see how we can get better. When we aren’t getting the result that we’re seeking we tend to put our minds to work to figure out ways to change that. Thinking about the way that we grow in life, to get the most out of every situation we are constantly stretching in our abilities. The comfort zone is either stretching or shrinking but it never stays the same. As an example, maybe you’re asking for a raise at your job and your boss gives you a no. The best way to grow from that is by asking about ways to improving to change the outcome. If you prep yourself for an audition and don’t get the part, ask questions on where you can improve and grow. Whatever information you get, take that and use it as a stepping stool to be the best version of yourself in that area.

“Quit focusing on your fear and look at the positive, Eric.” “Which is?” “You’re expanding your comfort zone. You know the comfort zone is never static. It’s always in a state of expansion or retraction. Think about how courageous you’re being.”
Richard Fenton, Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There   

Isn’t interesting that when we focus in on all the good in life how we are able to find so much more of it? Getting a no is looked at as something bad but in reality, it can be empowering!! Something I learned in my personal and professional life I when I zoomed in on how I was going to get better in myself new doors started opening for me. I started meeting people who brought value to my life.When I couldn’t understand and wanted to grow my mind went to work in doing just that. My growth showed me things I never knew about which made me search for even more. When you challenge yourself after getting a denial or a no, you find your strength and may even surprise yourself in doing so in all areas of your life.

With love,

Candace Kinlaw

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