There Is Levels To This

Yup! Inside of all of us there are levels that we have to overcome. The timing in where we grow is completely up to us. I was on the most liberating conference call with one of my mentors and I pray that what I share with you touches you the same way that it lifted me. After reading, my goal is to bring you to a higher understanding in yourself and understanding exactly where you are right now. You are here on earth for a purpose that right now you may not be fully aware of but it’s time for greater.

commitment-stage-e1370788904832Attempt to commitment. We all begin here. You almost trick yourself into thinking that your committed to your dream but you’ve only scratched the surface of it. Some might put on a front for you but if we take a step back we will see that we all started out crawling before we walked or run. To be extremely honest that’s why hearing other people’s stories are so liberating because they show us that there is hope for us all. In whatever endeavor you might have, this can be considered the hyped up stage of it. With this your head is so big that you can barely walk because you weigh your whole body down. If it’s a new relationship, you might hype your partner up and let them know that they found the “one.” You are they thing that they’ve been praying for and you are going to take away all their worries. You may promise to  give the love that you only see in the movies! If it’s a new business you might tell your boss or if you’re in the marketing business that they can quit whatever else they are doing because you are they thing that they been missing! You might brag that you will be the one who brings the business or relationship to its highest level!  This is the stage where your emotions run extremely high! This is the level of yourself that you will pop off all kinds of crazy!

thSZCV3M0JThe quitting phase. Every land has peaks and valleys and so do you. This is the emotional roller coaster. You have the up side of life and then you come to a crack in the road. Do you remember why you started or do you say “screw this?” When you been working at your business and you haven’t gotten the result that you thought you’d have, does the job you had start looking better to you then? How about when you have a relationship you’ve wanted to work,  do you look for the good or can the dark parts of your relationship override your thoughts? You start remembering that time that they…….  We stop moving and want to quit. Someone gives you good news and another tells you to kick rocks. Sound familiar? Because everything we do is energy we may attract a few more things that do NOT serve us and we get discourage and think going back to the place we’ve elevated from.  You can check this out in your personal and professional relationships because the rules are the same. Make no mistake that everyone goes through an emotional roller coaster but what makes people different is the ones who get over them or not.

ct4__interested_in_makinCommitment commence. Congratulations! If your able to get to this level in your life you are truly made of grit. You become apart of the rare breed. There are so many fish in the sea but this means nothing to you because your a completely different animal! At this point of your life you’ve been through almost everything but it doesn’t rule you. Lets not trip, fear, problems, and many other things still tend to pop up in life but now it’s handled differently. The anger doesn’t rule you it fuels you. Every obstacle is now transferred from being a problem to an opportunity. In this you will feel a new thing inside of you. Look in the mirror at yourself with posture and determination and say “I am going to make this work NO MATTER WHAT!!” My mentor says there is a secret to this commencement. The best people  that succeed in whatever it is they want in life are the ones who have had success in the past and lost it. They already had a taste of it! They know and can remember what success in whatever area feels like.

 An unknown with these levels is again depending  completely on you. The levels can happen in a long or short period of timing. Thinking back on times in your own life, this may experience this all in the same day!

An example that was said on the call is with a river. Anything you do from your heart will flow effortlessly and abundantly. Many of the times our river that’s flowing comes to a split. One side has clear water and flows east but if we steer to the side we slip into muddy water. It attracts flies, snap turtles maybe creatures that can be hazardous to our health. The muddy water does not serve us but sometime mud may have something shiny in it and we get sidetracked from what we say yes to. Our ego may say look over there! Will you listen?

There is no such thing as hard. There is either well trained or untrained. Just do it! If your untrained it’s hard but if your trained well you will get it done. -Ramin Mesgarlou

With love,

Candace Kinlaw

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