Change My Life Forever

change-your-lifeChanging your life is so hard and this is why many will not even attempt to do it. Looking back on life it’s always the one’s who are doing nothing with themselves that want to have an opinion about your life when they should be trying to change their own. Everyone has the latest and greatest advice but we all should start listening to our hearts more. The things we want so bad are most often at the top of stairs that we often avoid to take the elevator because it’s near by but it never does work like that does it? There’s so many perks of changing your life but how can it be done for real?

Take the first step. We don’t always have to see the whole staircase. Continuous little steps make the way for a massive leaps in life. It’s the rolling of the little snow ball to grow into the humongous one. Have you ever wanted to do something big and go about 50 million things to get it going? What is one thing that you can do to get yourself going in your journey? This one thing is preferably something that you have some type of skill in or love doing it. Sometime we see things on the television or social media and think people are living in their purpose by a result of something that happened over night. What are the small things you can go toward to move you closer to your goal?

Be dedicated. How bad do you want to change things around? How hungry are you? I48d7a7f3142680e3bf7c84bc9398bc0a don’t know about you but I was the girl who was always getting ready to get ready. The problem is your biological clock is ticking which means we really don’t have time for that. I know you probably heard this before but it’s because it’s true. You wont be here forever. No one will. This may require some alone time but I think now is a great time to ask yourself what is holding you back? Something that I learn very quickly in life is that you can not even on your best day cash in any excuses. If your curious as to what they sound like it may sound like “I don’t have enough time” or  “when the time is right, then I’ll…” You’ve probably heard these before, and many of the time we say these things ourselves without realizing it.  Recognize them when they come your way.

Ask yourself, what do I want? I would recommend turning the television off and actually writing this down. In the past I learned that if you don’t write it down it’s like it doesn’t exist and it didn’t happen. Think of writing your desires down as you shooting for a target and this way you know exactly what to aim for. Think about what you want in your professional and personal relationships. Think of your  finances and all the changes you want to make there. Think about your health. How is your learning level? Think on all of these things and put them on  paper so that you can see what you’ve had on your mind.  Whatever you come up with, then ask yourself, why do I want this? When you come up with an answer ask yourself why? The deeper you go the more will be unfolded.

Social media for good. There is so much that can be found on social media that can throw you off guard and fill you up with garbage but on the flip side social media can be used to build you up into a stronger version of yourself. Just like this blog, you can find self-help books, personal development groups that can put you around people that will lift you higher in yourself. Something that I learned is that when we level up in ourselves, everything else gets better too! When we are better in ourselves its like a weight is lifted off of us and this lets us see everything else so much better. Online you can meet people who will inspire you and connect with you on a higher level.

Changing your life is changing your habits and your perspective. It’s simple but not easy and completely worth it.


With love,

Candace Kinlaw

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