A Teacher Called Life

Teachers Change the WorldThe deeper I go into myself to be a bigger contribution to the world is the deeper of an understanding of what that really means. From the transformation in my childhood throughout my adult years I been through so many changes and all of it was completely necessary in being where I am right now. The things that you can encounter will really amaze you. I’ve gone through so much time of unlearning and conditioning to learning and conditioning a new truth and I’m so excited about where it will take me. When I say this I mean in myself and in the physical sense. We have absolutely no limit on our life but when we live in our comfort zone this brings limitations. I choose to constantly step out of mine. In doing this, I found out a few things and because of it every day I am so lifted!

Don’t  nobody owe you a penny. For me this wasn’t clear until it was crystal. There are so many times where we are made to believe that if we do something nice for someone that they are supposed to return that same love. Even at Burger King, you will not have it your way with this type of thinking. Whether we want to come to peace with this or not, everyone on this earth has their  own life to life and their own agenda to take on. To successfully get to the next level in your life you have to be ok with this.

Do not live for people.  As a mother, wife and friend to so many people this for me was and still is something that gave an loud awakening to. In reading this I hope your vision is perfectly clear to see in your mind and on this screen that there will be no one to die for you. You will not get out of this life alive! You can live to be a contribution to people but do not live for people because they will not die for you.

It’s impossible to fail. Ok this isn’t completely true. If you decide to throw in the towel, this  and only this is when you fail! If you have a goal, go for it! Your dreams are a complete emergency and should be treated with urgency! Something I read in a book is obstacles are seen when you take your eyes off the goal. Keep this as a reminder when you prep yourself to do something.

To be fair is to be unreal. Life is not fair and I don’t think it should be. I have a logicb506lifeisntfair15x12 reasoning as to why I feel this way. When I was pregnant my husband would take me out to eat or cook for me whenever he got the chance. The issue was that even though I was carrying a human inside of me unless I had a craving for it I would never be able to finish my food, he would always do it for me. My husband knows this about me even though I try to deny it, so this is how he orders our food or cooks my dinners. Life is the same way. God or the universe or who ever you pray to is the same exact way. You get whatever it is you want based on your level of hunger and growth. This is in every aspect of life. So a question for you is, “how hungry are you?”

You have a time clock on your life. No worries, it’s not a threat but a promise that we all will clock out one day.  The irony in this is that everyone will die but not everyone will live. The older we grow the more this will become a reality. There’s  a saying that the richest place is in the cemetery because there is where all the unmet potential lives. Life is not promised to anyone. On that note, do what makes your soul happy. Live your life the way you want it. The facts of life is that yesterday doesn’t matter, tomorrow is not here yet and the only thing you have going for you is right now.  What will you do to live  up to your potential?

With love,

Candace Kinlaw

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