How Was Jesus Promoted To King?

Have you ever really thought about the process of what this took for him to get to the level of strength of where he grew to be? My mind won’t even begin to imagine all the things that could possibly go through his mind. We complain about minor things but could you possibly go through life knowing you were going to die for people that turned their back on you? Would you die for the ones who hate you? Personally, I believe I would have really been feeling some type of way. Even something as small as forgiving those who hurt us can take everything out of us depending on the hurt but he went past this and died for us and all of our impurities. The bible say’s “love your neighbor as you love yourself”.  Some days its hard doing this for people who have a love for us let alone the ones who don’t. Would you be able to do this for people who’s greatest wish is to have you nailed to a cross? What was on the inside of him to bring that type  of strength? He was scared,  betrayed, walked alone and so much more but above all of that his compassion was from God.

He had every reason why he could have gave up but he didn’t give in.

Something that I take from this life changing story is that in order to get the greatest blessings out of life, we have to be 1000 percent sure that we want it. If it’s worth having then it will be something that will change us on the inside out. We have to be fully emerged into whatever we set out to do. There is an old saying that never leaves me and that is “everyone wants to be a diamond but no one wants to get cut.” Jesus was willing to do whatever he had to do for the people in this world to receive life even though we deserve death.  Sometimes we think of all the good that we want and we forget that there might be steps to take to get there. To be very honest some of the steps we trip and in the process might scrape our leg or even brake one but will we keep going?  Every time Jesus was brought to a trial, he was also brought through it.  God always got the glory. Jesus was in the wilderness alone for 40 days and 40 nights without food or anything to drink. Thinking about an actual desert, it probably was longer. Every time there was some amazing  thing the devil presented to Jesus it would be acknowledged for the lie that it was and Jesus was lifted higher every time because of it.   When Jesus went through the nations, he meant business, there was nothing that could sway him. Some of his followers couldn’t handle even the role of knowing because, it’s not for the weak at heart. So now a question is, how can I be more like Jesus? We are all made to have a unique purpose that is equivalent to a thumb print made specifically for us. God made us in his image, I want to challenge you to dig deeper in seeing what your made of.

With love,

Candace Kinlaw

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