Is Being Happy Really Necessary?

What does it really mean to be happy? What will it do for our lives? The dictionary definition of the word “happy” is to be characterized or indicative of pleasure, contentment, or joy. Another definition is to be delighted, pleased, or glad, as over a particular thing. Now the question I ask you is, “where can we find this? I know this sounds crazy but happiness is a state of mind. I want to ask some questions that I also asked myself and this may be something that helps many see things a little differently. Something that I believed in the past is that happiness is when you feel good all the time, or maybe it’s a final destination or maybe even having crazy amounts of  money. All those things do have the ability to make you happy, its just that’s not completely true right?

There’s so many different things to choose from. Let’s take a moment and think about our life. Think back as far as you possibly can and think about the things and times that bring a smile to your face. Think back to the thing that make you almost child-like but you’ve stopped. This is the thing that you might have repeatedly thought but brushed to the side because of what people felt or maybe it was unworthy in your sight to another. I have a secret though.. Most people are not content with themselves. Do what ever it is that makes you happy and then add more to it!

What do you believe about your purpose and what makes you happy? Something that I’ve learned is that if we do what we always did, then we will always get what we always got! We can get so caught up in making other people happy and we forget about what makes us happy. We forget the things that makes our purpose on earth have meaning. Sometimes it’s nice to remember that we all are a ball of belief’s. Everyone comes from different backgrounds and was raised differently so it’s almost impossible to have complete identical belief systems.  What does happiness mean to you? What do you believe happiness is suppose to look like?

Where and when  did you  develop these beliefs about what happiness means? What are the earliest things that you can start with? How far back can you remember? There’s an example of how the schools we began in were so big at one time in our lives but when we return  as adults to visit the school its like it almost shrinks doesn’t  it? Is it possible to see our happiness this way too?

Does your friends, family, social media or a celebrity tell you what happiness is? Whether we want to admit it or  not, we are a product of our surroundings and the upbringing of who ever we encounter.   We are products of our mindsets that have carried on for more generations than we can count. Sometimes growing up seeing something will have you believing that the particular way you knew about is the only way things are done. Using love as an example, if we grew up in an environment of seeing our loved ones only fight and  show forms of hate, how is it possible to learn anything else if we are not exposed to something else? Right?

So now I’d like to ask you, what does it mean to be happy and is it really a necessity for you?

With Love,


Candace Kinlaw

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