How Many Times Will You Fall Before Walking?

Have you ever thought about how many times we allow a baby to fall before they are able to walk? I mean… what is a logic number before you say walking may not be for you? Even asking this question probably has you looking at me sideways! Right? Who ever raised you in the early stages of life had the benefit of the doubt and came to a conclusion that you were going to walk no matter how long it took! I think you would have taken Malcolm X’s statement by any means necessary” to heart.

It takes a state of mental toughness to fulfill the level of desires that we have. In order to make a change in your life it takes discipline, it takes grit! The people who changed the world for us to be able to have the opportunity to do the say thing we absolutely crazy! The crazy people are the ones who are the game changers of the world because they think they can! It really is as simple as that huh?

Mr. Abraham Lincoln. This man makes things look easy doesn’t he? Sometime when watching our favorite shows, listening to our favorite artist, or admiring that favorite speaker that we love so much, there is something we sometimes neglect to think about and that’s what it took to get there.  This is something that very seldom crosses our minds isn’t it? Abraham Lincoln was a failure at everything he did in business and being a lawyer! According to him, he was the most miserable person that you could have met! This is something that we don’t see , but many that are successful have started from a humble beginning. He made his vision bigger than his fear and what some consider failure so that he could live in his purpose.

Mr. Thomas Edison. If you thought Lincoln’s story was inspiring, Mr. Edison should definitely lift you a little bit higher in yourself! This one definitely hits home for me! I think if you search the definition of resilience that you may see his face somewhere next to the description. I promise to state facts only! Thomas Edison lost his job for being said of being non-productive!! Then on top of this, he had this crazy idea that no one knew would work but him and went at it thousands of times!!! Back in times of their being no electricity I imagine that he was laughed at, tormented, and filled with all kinds of crazy thoughts!! Talk about mental toughness huh?

Michael Jordan. This man is the definition of a repetition! So there was a talk that Michael did for a group of high school students that was discouraged.  Many people think that when he dunks those shot that is happened over night and when he came away of this, he apologized. He humbled himself in front of everyone and admitted freely “I missed 9000 shots and 26 of them were trusted to be the winning shot!”  Before he became the Michael Jordan that we all know and love for his skill, he was told that he would never be cut out to be a basketball player! Michael knew he had to level up in himself to prove his dream true.

This brings me back to the question, “how many times do we sanely give until we say that walking isn’t for us?”

With love,


Candace Kinlaw

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