Where’s Your Guidance?

You-have-what-you-need_daily-inspiration_red-fairy-project-2Where’s your guidance? What moves you when your facing a challenge in your life? What or who is it that helps get you to the other side? Sometimes we think that we are alone but this is most of the time not true! Something or someone is always there to guide or motivate you to stay strong and keep pushing toward the finish line to your goal!  You do agree with me right?

Here’s a very motivating story about a soldier named Michael being guided and protected by an archangel named Saint Michael. Have you heard of it? First off let me mention that I respect your religious belief but just for a moment can you hear the point in this testimony?

Here we go!

There was a war a soldiers by the name of Michael went in to. Many of us believe that we are by ourselves but this is  not further from the truth. There was a new soldier with the same name as Michael which was strange because he believed that he already knew everyone. In description, the new Michael was different in appearance. He was strapping in figure and carried himself in a very humble manner. Michael couldn’t understand but there was something very different about this man because there were things he knew but no one else could ever see like how the weather would change. The man knew when the weather would clear up and when trouble was close to them. The whole  time Michael was just thinking about how he knew everything that he did.

It was like his intuition level was on overload!

Michael could not understand what the heck was going on because it was so unexplainable and like nothing he’d ever experienced before but the thing is… many don’t realize that the best things in life are the unexplained. The things that you can’t wrap your finger around are the things that the very things that speak the subconscious and at another level we can’t grasp. As an example, one day about 7 years ago after an extremely long week, I was driving home from work and I began to fall asleep! I absolutely knew I was in the car alone but I felt someone push me!! When I lifted my head I swerved to JUST miss a tree!! The same thing happened in this story! Michael slayed a number of men without using his weapons. He was brought through the battle without even a scratch. The leader was so amazed because he asked Michael how he killed all these men without any bullets from his weapon. The men were killed with slashes of a sword!!

How do we explain these things?!?! Right?

Call it what you may, you may be thinking it was pixies, fairies, or maybe even magic and I fully respect your choice but my belief was and still is that God had sent an angel to watch over me that night and many other nights. I couldn’t see it, I couldn’t touch it, I couldn’t smell it but I  just knew that it was GOD! His angels were with me and watching me and guiding me throughout the night! I have a mission that hasn’t been completed yet. Quite frankly, I am fired up and ready to fulfill it!

So again, I would like to ask you?

What is guiding you?



Candace Kinlaw

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