Are you really an Attraction?

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Question: Are you really an attraction?

Oooooh… I am so fired up!!!

5vUFLncaI really had to ask myself this question and I advise you to ask yourself that question too. Cool? I learned so much in the marketing world and it is really opening doors within my mind which lets me see things in a completely different way! First off.. what is the definition of the word attraction? By definition… it is the action or power of evoking interest, pleasure, or liking for someone or something. It’s the thing that draws us closer to someone or something. It’s how you stand out from the crowd!! Attraction is what brought you to the car you drive, the house you live in, and on higher levels it’s what brought us to our spouses or our significant other. Attraction plays a huge role in everyday lifestyle and the same rules apply to money!!!

Yes! When you become an attraction, you bring in the dollars and I mean on a massive level!! So, a question your probably asking yourself is… how the heck do I become attractive? Please take note that the attraction I’m talking about is not referring to your beauty honey… although.. depending the person it may help! In a very generic setting, the way to become attractive is to be attracted!!

Yes! You got me correct!

People love to talk about themselves and how amazing they are and all they’ve accomplished in life. Need proof?

With ANY item you buy, think about how the money transferred from your wallet to the person you were buying from. Right? I was on a call  leader  made a massive point. The way Leaders are well known is because they are not out there trying to edify themselves and talk your ear off about how great they are… they let OTHER people do that! Right?IMG_2984

That’s what makes them so attractive!!

They don’t talk about themselves.. they let other people talk about them! Think of someone awesome being in the middle of a huge crowd and not being able to see who it is!

Wont you get to asking everyone you see who that is? You start wondering who it is over there! Right? People get curious about things that has natural magnetic influence…

Dont they?


With love,

Candace Kinlaw

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