Advisory from the Top

Man Oh Man,

14686133_1724313534560918_1784198919_nIt got very real! I got some advisory from the top for you! How many times does it take for a baby to master walking?

A great question right? Lets break it down. Let’s talk about how people make things look so easy! Only thing though… is that completely true? Ever think about it?  How many training’s and leaders have you watched thinking “they make this look so easy?” or “I wish I could rock the way they do!!”

Want to know  a secret?

The only thing difference from them and you is the training and endless hunger to want to be the greatest version of themselves. The top leaders take time for personal development and use tools that build them in their skills!! We are 100 percent responsible for our faults and our successes. Tony Robbins says we don’t fail because the lack of resources. There are resources are everywhere, it’s the lack of resourcefulness that keeps us in state.

You agree with me on this? Everything you need for your growth is RIGHT AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!

One sneaky, insidious thing is the comparing ourselves to others! I struggled with this for the longest time. Something that I had to learn the hard way is that the accomplishments of others should lift us up instead of discouraging us. As network marketers or home business owners we get discouraged by people who look like they have it all. Only thing is everyone has the same 24 hours in a day so we can choose what we do with it. Right? Go out there and work at whatever it is that you want…do it over and over!

It’s very cliche BUT there is a saying that goes back ages and it’s that repetition is the mother of skill.

Be sure to remember this each and every day!

With love,

Candace Kinlaw

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