Why Should I choose YOU?

I feel so good today!

IMG_0333There are such a mass of people trying to make a way for their future and questions that crosses anyone’s mind that also sees potential is probably why should I choose you? An idea presented itself to me and MY spirits are lifted!! After my sons game the mister took us to a restaurant called Gaetano’s here in Stratford, Connecticut. I lived in Connecticut my whole life and never thought to come here! I’ve seen lines around the corner when I’m driving by mid afternoon and at night! I found out the reason today and these people are amazing!

When you get to the place the feel you get is that your in your fancy uncles back yard and then you step onto the patio before you get to where the food is. You know it’s a going to be fun because the music is playing and everyone is wearing a smile.

Get this though. The smiles are ALL genuine! Ever heard of something called copywriting? These people put it to the max!!

Now your probably thinking, Candace what is copywriting?!! Copywriting is kind of like that teacher that made you like a subject because of them.

Let me be more clear.. made you think you like a subject because of them. Only you go off to high school and realize you can’t stand the topic!!!

So you open the door and it smells amazing! They have samples of different foods, there’s chefs dancing behind the counter. You know it’s a business because you have to pay for whatever you order but the vibes you got from them were that you were treated as a family!  You see places like this on television series. For me, this was so foreign. ESPECIALLY thinking about food made quickly! This place has real passion!

Copywriting  is the thing that compels you. The thing that gets inside of your mind.

Think about it.

It’s everywhere.

With love,


Candace Kinlaw

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